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About us!

JANUN e.V. was founded in 1994 by several youth environmental initiatives in Hannover.

While during the first years after the establishment , nature – and environmental protection stood in the centre of activities, other topics added over the years.

At the moment there are around 80 young people actively involved in the following working groups: Environmental education, Nature observation, Gardening, Indigenous peoples Environment, Climate Protection, “KonsuMensch” – consumerism & globalisation, Belarus & humanitarian aid for the people who are still suffering of the Chernobyl disaster, Multicultural society & Migration, Nutrition.

Over the year there are around 20 weekend seminars and 10 – 12 international youth exchanges, mainly with partner organisations from Belarus, Siberia, Mari El, Palestine, Israel, Greenland, Norway/Sapmi, Kurdistan and Serbia, taking place. JANUN is a Sending – and Hosting-Organization for the European Voluntary Service.

Further than that there are two big projects which are supervised by two other pedagogues of JANUN. These are the projects “Kleiner Jugendtreff Südstadt”, a small youth centre and a children and youth participation project. These two projects are done by JANUN for the city of  Hannover.

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with the financial Support of the EU - Youth-Programm Ersmus+


and the City of Hannover


Now some of the material that we developed. We do hope it is of interest for you. Most of the material got developed during international Youth - Exchange - Projecs, with the financial Support of the EU - Youth-Programm Ersmus+

Project results of the summer camp 2017

Project dokumentation Summercamp 2017
Project dokumentation Summercamp 2017

Learning from the Past for Peace & Sustainability

During the summer camp 2017, 31 participants from Serbia, Russia, Belarus, Kurdistan/Turkey, Malawi and Germany spent three days divided into three groups dealing with issues of social and tolerance, education and sustainability. On the third day they developed their own ideas, which they wanted to implement at home after the camp. A large part of the projects have already been realized. Have a look what happened!

After the presentation of the results, you can find some inside-thoughts and our 1x1 of project-management.

Creative Tools for Youth Initiatives against Radicalization and Populism

Products of the international training “Creative Tools for Youth Initiatives against Radicalization and Populism" that took place in Diyarbakir in July 2017, financed by the European Union, Erasmus+


One Working-Group was producing this short movie during the training. Have a look. It has the topic “Populism”. We are sure you can find the connection.

Deutsch-Kurdischer Jugendaustausch in Hannover

21.-29.08. 2015

Während des Jugendaustausches in Hannover haben sich die TeilnehmerInnen darüber ausgetauscht, wo ihnen selber Diskriminierung begegnet. Sie haben sich damit beschäftigt, wieso es überhaupt Diskriminierung gibt und Organisationen und Projekte besucht, die für Toleranz eintreten und sich gegen unterschiedliche Formen und Gründe von Diskriminierung engagieren. Während eines Kreativtages entwickelten die TeilnehmerInnen unter fachkundiger Anleitung Videoclips und eine kleine Postkartenserie zu unterschiedlichen Aspekten von Toleranz und Diskriminierung. Die Postkarten wurden gedruckt und später in Diyarbakir und Hannover verteilt. Die Videoclips werden im Hannoverschen Lokalfernsehen H1 und auf diversen homepages der beteiligten Organisationen gezeigt. Darüber hinaus wurde die Jugendbegegnung dokumentiert, es entstand ein längerer Fernsehbeitrag für H1.

All dies präsentieren wir hier:



Discrimination Clip 1 - Laufzeit 3:41 Minuten - Dateigröße 62 MB
Discrimination Clip 2 - Laufzeit 3:27 Minuten - Dateigröße 58 MB

Die Video-Clips sind während eines Kreativtages der TeilnehmerInnen unter fachkundiger Anleitung entstanden.